When Will You See


When Will You See is the dreamy bedroom pop step child of dodie, Maggie Rogers + Arlo Parks. Lane Marie's effortless vocals weave together with lo-fi percussion and clean angular guitars reminiscent of the high points of early '00s indie to form a lush sonic bed. WWYS will have you daydreaming and hippy dancing at the same time. Originally written as a letter to a loved one, this song has taken on a life of it's own speaking to the very heart of those who carry the burdens of others.


Lane Marie’s latest single “Runaway” is a dark modern indie ballad that takes the listener on a sonic journey full of hookey pop melodies. Starting as an intimate story of broken relationship, when the groove drops out and the first chorus hits, it feels like looking over the side of the grand canyon with Lane Marie’s shimmering vocals soaring over a wall of driving guitars. The song continues to build into a crescendo on the second chorus, transitioning from a Lo-Fi production to a full band arena rock performance. “Runaway” is a slick package that manages to incorporate elements of driving indie rock with slick pop hooks of artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish.


In the fall of 1950, teenagers Helen and Gaines traveled across state lines to be married somewhere that would legally recognize their young ages and declare them man and wife. After the ceremony, they feasted at the great Whataburger and continued school the next day. This was the start to a lifetime of adventures together. In their 70 years of marriage, Helen and Gaines have woven joy, commitment, and love into everything they do. They have handled the challenges of life with grace and have witnessed the passage of time side by side. 
My latest single, Stay, is dedicated to Helen and Gaines Lawrence, my grandparents, to honor their sacrificial love, true kindness, and humility displayed throughout their marriage.

Gifts From My Father

Lane Marie's Debut EP is a mixture of indie rock and synth pop, that pulls inspiration from many different genres into the songs. "Gifts From My Father" expresses the process of grieving while finding hope and truth. The lead single, Time, is about wrestling with the idea of grief in correlation to each passing day. Days go by and we still feel heartache as it seems we get further and further from our loved ones, but there is hope at the end of it all.